I’ve had the pleasure of doing three projects with IDC: two new Salon/Spas and a renovation. IDC’s vision of building a top-end Salon/Spa was second to none. The designs were cutting edge, the materials excellent, workmanship withstood the test of time. Our service providers are able to service the guests in peak times, never in each other’s way. IDC guided us through the design to finished product with professionalism and within budget. In my opinion and the constant compliments of many guests over the years, for quality, integrity and trust, my money is on IDC.
— Felice Iorio, Owner, Felice Aveda Salon and Spa
If you have any clients that are thinking about using you, please have them call me and I will tell them first-hand that they cannot afford not to hire you.
— Terri Mundi, Founder/President, InvisiLift, Inc., Birmingham, AL
Michael Effler has had an amazing impact on the lives of his customers and his colleagues. He is a mentor, an inspiration, and a gifted designer.
— - Lisa Marie Wark, MBA, Business & Marketing Consultant to Spa and Wellness Industry
Everyone loves the renovation, the staff loves it, we’ve increased our revenue and took our customer service to the next level.
— Sandi Robb, Spa Director, Chrysalis Inn & Spa
Effler designs workspaces which are elegant and functional, truly one-of-a-kind.
— Dr. Patrick Flaherty, MD, Plastic Surgeon, Ft. Meyers, FL
Our ability to handle the high number of guests we serve is the flow that IDC created. There’s an ease with moving people.
— Zenda Stakelbeck, Founder, Z Salon & Spa
My wife and I worked with the IDC design team on a state-of-the-art 20,000 sq. ft. salon/spa in the St. Louis market. Their creativity, attention to detail and overall knowledge of the features of a modern salon and spa was beyond our expectation. They considered all our wants and turned out a design that was first-rate and cost-effective to build. I would highly recommend the IDC team for any design-and-build project an owner would want to develop.
— Bob Van Patten, Developer, Reality Spa
Michael Effler is the most brilliant designer I have ever known. He is very passionate about every aspect of each project. From the finishes, lighting, texture and function, you see and feel the “wow” factor in each and every space. I’ve toured many of Michael’s spas; the attention to every detail is exceptional.
— Jane Crawford, Owner-developer of the first med-spa in America
Michael’s passion and dedication to his clients is unsurpassed. He genuinely listens to your dreams and does everything in his power to make them a reality.

We commissioned other design firms prior to Michael; their designs were disappointing. But we were in awe of Michael’s work - the beauty and efficiency of every square foot of space. Quite simply, he heard us!
— - Kathy Smith, Operations Manager, Cosmetic Surgery Practice, Florida
When Michael Effler, the ‘King of Design,’ speaks about spa design and architecture, the audience hangs on to every word. Everyone can understand this complicated subject, because he is a true master...
— James Knight, International business & journalist