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"Wellness from the Heart," SPA CANADA. Moyo is a Swahili word meaning Heart, Life, Spirit. The newest spa in Calgary, Moyo Spa and Wellness offers a warm, unique African influence. See article >

SPA MANAGEMENT: "30 Years of Wellness Spa Design & Development Success" IDC shares common pitfalls of creating sustainable design, wellness destinations, innovation and risk, relationships, integration & collaboration, and future-forward design. See complete article (2.3mb)

SPA CANADA, "Celebrating 30 YEARS of Spa Success"
Here are a few secrets from the many highly successful spas designed by IDC since 1984. See complete article (1.8 mb).

"Creating Bliss: Sculpting a Unique Yoga Spa in Edmonton" SPA CANADA, Turning a passion for yoga, health and wellness and a love of great spas into a very special place. See article (1mb)

"Urban Escape: Converting an Old Fire Station into a Boutique Hotel Destination Spa," SPA CANADA. Clara Spa became an old world oasis in the heart of downtown, maximizing space to add services - and revenue. See article (3.2mb)

"Chrysalis Emerging: Blending Services to Create a Unique Advantage" SPA CANADA. How IDC's value engineering skills expanded a space to provide more profit centers. See article (555k)

"Dollars and Sense- What are the Secrets of a Successful Medical Spa?" SPA CANADA. Client and staff loyalty are yours, if you’re willing to reinvent with innovative services; a smooth, ergonomic flow; and increasing your WOW effect. See article >

MEDICAL SPAS REVIEW CANADA, "Celebrating 30 YEARS of MedSpa Success" Great ideas and lessons learned from hundreds of MedSpa Design Projects.  See complete article (1.8 mb).


MEDICAL SPAS REVIEW CANADA, "Transforming Wellness: From a Renovation Nightmare to a Center for Transformation & TrainingMaking decisions based solely on speed is not always wise - or profitable. See complete article (955k)

"Triple Crown Winner: Z Salon and Spa, Kentucky Powerhouse" SPA CANADA. How does an individual entrepreneur maintain a growing market position for over 10 years? See article (800k)

"Renovate & Rejuvenate; 5 Steps to Rebuild Your "Wow"" SPA CANADA. There's an energy that every spa wants. Relaxed yet vigorous, warm, inviting and fresh. Here's how to get it back if it needs freshening up. See article (2.2mb)

"Felice Spa takes Aveda Uptown," SPA CANADA. IDC's green-built LEED Gold-certified interior maximized the income-generating potential by layering services and creating an ergonomic, service-friendly layout. See article (1.1mb)