15,000 sq. ft. on 5.7 acre property with existing building.

The Day Spa owners' desire was make a mark in their community, to create a destination for people to gather. Winning the Best of the Bay award for 7 years straight, IDC incorporated visual merchandising throughout the spa. 

Unique features: 4 quadrants of the main building house body rooms, pedicure, alpha tanning rooms, and wet areas for seaweed and mud treatments.

The second floor is for staff, including offices, education rooms, lunch and lounging areas with foot massage and a fountain. They believe - as we do -  in caring for the caregivers.

Tatami rooms are designed for an intimate gathering to sit Japanese style for light fare or fondue. Juice bar and food service for socializing.

IDC also designed two outbuildings for training classes, tai chi, yoga and VIP services. Yurts for seasonal treatments are sited by a stream to bring the spa experience to nature.

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The owners dreamt of a space that wasn't just a spa, but a true community gathering place; a complete, essential escape, offering food service, classes, and able to host
large groups and weddings.