We create holistic, unique spa design platforms for physicians and spa entrepreneurs to succeed.

International Design Concepts was founded in 1984 by Michael Effler, who began his career designing interiors for major department stores such as The Bay, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Harrods of London. He travels extensively, gathering cultural inspirations to develop spas, med spas and wellness facilities across the US, Canada, Asia, South Pacific and Europe.

Michael Effler is a spa visionary, a master of design that inspires. He offers a rare combination of design and business savvy, collaborating with hundreds of spa and wellness entrepreneurs to build spa environments with a dynamic sense of flow and unique guest experiences.

Michael sculpts form, shape, color, texture, light and sound to create a harmonious effect on the human psyche. These spaces embody a feeling of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, which allows the business to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Very few spa professionals can claim 30 years’ experience in this industry. While many architects design great homes and commercial spaces, they may not have expertise with the unique needs of spas and wellness facilities. Spas require highly specialized amenities. It's unfortunate that many spa developers learn the hard way, spending money and time correcting mistakes made by lack of experience. 

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The IDC Values we provide our clients:

Holistic Design Philosophy: We create a signature environment, a functional work of art, each an original statement. We deliver more than a set of building plans: rather, a holistic fusion of theme, services, environment, esthetics, marketing, visual merchandising for products, and operations. A successful spa must have all these ingredients working in harmony, and we thrive on the challenge.

Positive relationships: Michael values the design relationship, connecting the land, building and spaces with the people who will experience it. With IDC, you work directly with the principal of the firm. Our priority is to exceed expectations, and to create positive working relationships, with responsive, personal communication. Our clients appreciate our dedication, tenacity and attention to detail. We've truly got your back, because we take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously, working toward a platform for your success.

Resource and ergonomic efficiency: A true efficiency guru, and an expert in ergonomics and value engineering, Michael uncovers hidden opportunities for his clients. IDC’s unique, strategic design solutions create a highly efficient, smooth operating environment. This maximizes practitioners’ time as well as spa owners’ return on investment (ROI). The IDC team creative process also generates enduring designs that age gracefully; several spas have operated successfully without a major remodel for 15-20 years.

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Giving Back: Michael shares his extensive spa design knowledge with the industry. He contributes articles to Spa Canada, Spa Business, DaySpa, The Medical Spa, and Spa Management magazines. A founding member of the Medical Spa Association, member of International Spa and Day Spa Associations, and faculty of Sea Courses, Michael is also a popular speaker at international exhibitions and seminars in New York, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Las Vegas and Hawaii (ASAPS, IECSC, ESI).  

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